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Dating Monsters Series

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Main Series!

Anna & Vlad

Dating-Dracula-original (1).jpg

Dating Dracula

Dating Monsters Book One

Loving Dracula Ebook Cover.jpg

Loving Dracula

Dating Monsters Book Two

Marrying Dracula Ebook Cover.jpg

Marrying Dracula

Dating Monsters Book Three

Lucy & Sam

Wooing the Wolfman Ebook Cover Updated.jpg

Wooing the Wolfman

Dating Monsters Book Four

Wooing the Wolfman

Dating Monsters Book Four

Mating the Wolfman Ebook Cover.jpg

Mating the Wolfman

Dating Monsters Book Five

Wedding the Wolfman(1).jpg

Wedding the Wolfman

Dating Monsters Book Six

Maddie & Gabriel


Smitten with the Vampire King

Dating Monsters Book Seven

Coming July 3, 2023


Celia Kyle - Sassy Supes v1.jpg

Truth About Vamps

Dating Dracula Prequel

When Vlad Met Anna Remake.png
Mr. and Mrs. Dracula Ocean.png

When Vlad Met Anna 
Drac's POV for Book One

Newsletter Exclusive Content

Mr. & Mrs. Dracula

Honeymoon Bonus Scene

Newsletter Exclusive Content

Monsters & Chocolate

Short Story Box Set

Available on all vendors

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