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Monsters & Chocolate

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A Kiss From Dracula: When Vlad overhears Anna and Lucy gushing about their favorite rom-com meet-cutes, he decides to give Anna the first date she deserves. One far less bloody, and worthy of the sexy, mysterious aristocrat of Gothic romance legend.

You're My Wolfman: Sam has plans for Lucy—lusty, seductive plans. But when the power suddenly goes out, Sam needs to adapt. He's determined to show Lucy that even with two kids, their sex life is still hot enough to set the sheets on fire.

Be My Vampire: Maddie is a vampire slayer. Gabriel is the King of Vampires. Neither expected to cross paths. But Fate has other plans for this couple—plans that start with true love's kiss...

Don't miss out on these three short Valentine's Day stories featuring Anna, Lucy, and our newest heroine, Maddie!

Because even monsters deserve romance...
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