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Smitten with the Vampire King

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Every girl dreams about finding her happily-ever-after. Even me. Especially me. But never—and I do mean never—did I imagine my HEA would come in the form of a tall, dark, and handsome vampire.

I mean, I’m a vampire slayer. He’s the vampire king. It’s my job to kill his kind. Not fall in love with him. Heck, I didn’t even know that was possible, considering I’m a werewolf.

But apparently it’s more than possible. It’s inevitable.

Which is why I have to save him.

Someone put a bounty on his head, and it’s up to me to save his insufferable, entitled—and oh so deliciously firm—ass. Even if that means kidnapping him. It’s for his own protection, I swear. My friend's cabin out in the middle of nowhere will keep us safe. At least until we can figure out who wants him dead.

And kill them first.

Now, if only I can keep my hands off him…

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A secretive smile pulled at his lips, the tips of his fangs peeking out. Oh, that shouldn't turn me on. But this vamp? Yeah, I wanted to take a tumble with him.

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