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Mating the Wolfman

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I should be celebrating my Happily-Ever-After. Sam and I are in love, after all. But the rest of my life? It’s a hot mess.


Not only am I expected to take over as the Mississippi Pack alpha after my sperm donor was murdered, but Corbin and his lackeys are openly attacking the human-borns.


Looks like it’s up to us to fix this mess. Except, everywhere I turn, someone’s trying to kill me.


These bungholes will do anything to stop me—including going after my loved ones.


I didn’t want anything to do with all this, but I refuse to lose anyone else.


Time to roll up my sleeves and get to work.


This alpha business is serious, y'all. I just hope I survive it.

I'm a werewolf... who can't shift without sneezing.
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